Recipe Inspiration #NFTFDontBeSalty

A healthy lifestyle is about more than just what you eat, it’s about making mindful choices. Like the Canada Food Guide says, this includes cooking meals at home, and limiting sodium and sugar. With this in mind, we’ve launched a new line of deli: Natural From The Farm. With simple, natural ingredients, 25%* less sodium, and 12g of protein per serving, these deli meats are gluten free and packed with flavour.

To celebrate, we partnered with 7 food bloggers to create 7 new recipes using Natural From The Farm deli. Scroll down to see their delicious, healthy, and family-approved creations.

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Abbey’s Kitchen: Natural From The Farm Keto Deli Roll Ups

Culinary registered dietitian, TV and Radio personality and author Abbey Sharp spices up a Maple Lodge Farms favourite with a keto spin. Check out her take on our delicious Greek Style Pita recipe, featuring our Natural Spicy BBQ, Natural From The Farm Garlic & Pepper, and Natural From The Farm Oven Roasted cooked chicken breast deli.

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Becka Crowe: Natural From The Farm Gluten Free Cheesy Chicken Quesadillas

Recipe developer, certified mindset coach and wellness expert Becka Crowe of Going Grainless takes a trip down family memory lane with her gluten-free take on Maple Lodge Farms Cheesy Chicken Quesadillas recipe. Our new Natural Oven Roasted cooked chicken breast deli, also gluten-free made this recipe modification a tasty breeze!

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Bite Me More: Natural From The Farm Creamy Pesto Turkey Wraps

Dynamic duo, authors and entertainers Julie Albert and Lisa Gnat of Bite Me More went green when they took Maple Lodge Farms Rainbow Veggie Pinwheels recipe home. Who knew that our Natural Oven Cooked Turkey breast deli and pesto were a match made in heaven!

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The GG Sisters: Natural From The Farm Chick’n & Cheese Snackin’ Crescents

Dream team, sisters and momtrepreneurs Laura and Josie of The GG Sisters share their tips and recreate our delicious Chick’n & Cheese Snackin’ Crescents recipe. Still looking for new ways to enjoy our Natural Oven Roasted Cooked Chicken breast deli? The GG Sisters got you!

Healthnut Nutrition: Natural From The Farm Grilled Chicken, Avocado and Tomato Sandwich

Self proclaimed foodie and balanced eating advocate Nikole of Healthnut Nutrition takes our Spicy Avocado Toast recipe to the next level! If you thought our Natural Spicy BBQ Cooked Chicken breast deli packed a punch, prepare to turn up the flavour with Nikole’s modifications!

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Je Suis Une Maman: Natural From The Farm Apple & Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Author, columnist, blogger and mom Jaime Damak of Je Suis Une Maman takes us to flavour town with her take on our Apple & Chicken Grilled Cheese recipe! Want to make the ultimate grilled cheese? Just add our Natural Oven Roasted Cooked Chicken breast deli, bon appetit!

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Mom of Two Chunks: Natural From The Farm Spicy Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

Lifestyle blogger and stylish mommy Christy Lynn of Mom of Two Chunks recruits help from her family in the kitchen as she takes on our Spicy Waffle Breakfast Sandwich recipe. Who knew waffles and Natural Spicy BBQ Cooked Chicken breast deli went so well!