A volunteer holds a hot meal at BMO fields.

Bringing Toronto Back To Its Feet

Recovery can’t be done on empty stomachs, so we’re doing our part to nourish Toronto and help it get back to its feet. Putting safe and healthy food on Canadian families’ tables has always been our mission, so we’re incredibly proud to be working with MLSE, Bell, BMO, and Rogers to make 13,000 meals a day for front-line workers, food banks, and shelters. 

Nourishing Toronto

They say homemade meals are better because they’re made with love, and right now, love and nourishment are crucial. To feed the city we love, we’re helping the #BringTorontoback team make meals using Toronto’s home-fields, BMO Field and Scotiabank Arena. Led by MLSE, these facilities have been transformed into Toronto’s two largest kitchens, making thousands of meals everyday by hand for Toronto’s hungry. We’ve donated over $500,000 worth of chicken products, and our teams are working with our incredible, generous partners to make sure these meals get to the people who need it.


Our goal has always been to ensure Canadian families have access to safe, healthy, and wholesome food. And while this pandemic has changed so much, that goal  has not, and will not change.  When the going gets tough, uncertain, and unprecedented, we do our absolute best to make sure families have good food on the table.

Thank You For Doing Your Part

We’ve never faced anything like this before, but together, we’re figuring out the best way to get through it: hard work, diligence, and love. We’re so inspired to see businesses and individuals stepping up and helping out, because big or small, every effort to flatten the curve helps. For everything you are doing, the Maple Lodge Farm family thanks you.

You can help Get Toronto Back To Its Feet too: donate to Second Harvest and help feed hungry Canadians here.

To learn more about our partnership with MLSE and and the incredible work #BringTorontoBack is doing, click here

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