About Us


Work hard.


Be honest.


Never lose sight of where you came from.

These are the values that Maple Lodge Farms’ founder, Lawrence May, lived by.
Those very same words inspire us today.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We are your most trusted chicken company.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Guided by our family farming roots, we consistently provide you wholesome, best quality chicken with unparalleled service.

Our Values

At Maple Lodge Farms we strive to:

Be ethical stewards of the animals in our charge, the environment and the communities in which we operate.

Continuously improve to become "the best we can be".

Have a "how might we" attitude, a bias for action and be accountable for results.

Be flexible, willing to learn and consider other viewpoints.

Be open, "true to our word", respectful and fair.

Be passionate, genuinely caring, curious and creative.

Continue the values that got us here: humility, a respect for family and hard work.

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