About Us

The Beginning

Our story begins in 1834 when the May family arrived in Canada and settled on a farm just outside what is now Brampton, Ontario. Among the few things they brought was a proud tradition of hard work, agricultural wisdom and humble family values.

The Barn and Success

At the turn of the century Wesley May built a barn on the family’s homestead. This was one of the first buildings raised on the land, which still hosts our head office today. In this new barn, Wesley and his family raised livestock to feed both themselves and the families in their community. Wesley’s son Lawrence, affectionately called Bompy, took a keen interest in the farm from a young age, and Wesley proudly passed the deed to the farm onto Lawrence.


Times were tough during the Great Depression, but the Mays’ work ethic and quick-thinking got them through it. Bompy and his wife Gwen had a brilliant idea to earn some extra income: they put boxes of eggs in the back of their truck and began selling them door-to-door. The days were long and the work was hard, but their effort paid off. They earned themselves a reputation as honest people with quality food.

Like Father, Like Sons

As teenagers, Bompy’s two sons began helping their parents deliver eggs. Jack and Bob had the same business savvy and respect for hard work as their parents, and shortly after joining the business, Jack and Bob had their own brilliant idea. They began selling chickens fresh from the farm, and the subsequent success led to Jack and Bob formally establishing Maple Lodge Farms in 1955.


Chicken for Every Family

In 1990, working hand and hand with the Muslim community, Maple Lodge Farms launched a line of 100% Halal certified products. In 2003, the Zabiha Halal brand was officially launched, offering a wider variety of halal products fully certified and endorsed by a variety of trusted Halal organizations. For more information, and to see our Halal certified products, visit the website here.

Family First

In 2015 we celebrated our 60th anniversary since officially establishing Maple Lodge Farms. We were (and still are!) the largest chicken processor in Canada, and we remain family owned. The principles that guided us from our humble beginnings, when Lawrence May sold eggs door-to-door, are the same principles that guide us today: hard work, agricultural wisdom, and family values. We are dedicated to producing the best quality chicken products at the best possible price.