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Spicy Ultimate Chicken Frankfurters

Turn up the heat on the grill with our Spicy Ultimate Chicken Frankfurters. These hot dogs have the perfect balance of the flavours you love, and a spicy kick that’s sure to heat up any occasion. Your BBQ – 1. Your Neighbour’s BBQ – 0.

Why You Will Love It

Fully cooked

Perfect on the BBQ

Spicy kick

Mechanically separated chicken, chicken, chicken fat, modified corn starch, water, sugar, salt, spices, pea protein, cultured corn syrup solids, sodium lactate, sodium acetate, dehydrated red bell pepper, corn starch, sodium diacetate, dehydrated chipotle pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, sodium erythorbate, spice extracts, smoke flavour, sodium nitrite, wheat flour, smoke. May contain egg.