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Stay Local, Support Local

What does local mean to you?

To Maple Lodge Farms®, it means the importance of locally sourced products and supporting our local community. This is the driving engine behind our Fresh From the Farm® chicken, which is meant to support our local farmers and bring our consumers food that is always fresh and close to home!

But this initiative is only one of a long list of projects dedicated to supporting our local community. To further our community impact, we contribute to many local charities, develop meaningful relationships with our local farming community to foster local economic growth and provide the freshest products to our customers. 

Our humble beginnings (from starting off selling eggs door-to-door in 1834) have guided us to where we are today and our desire to give back to the community. 

How Maple Lodge Farms® Supports Local

  • To help those in need, we donate a significant amount of our products to local food banks. In the past year, we have donated a retail value of over $250K in products.
  • We want to help our community grow by giving them access to the tools necessary for success. That’s why we are proud of our continual support of local food banks. 
  • Since family continues to be one of our core values, we want to provide a brighter future to our extended family and their family. Over the past three years, we have donated over half a million to building the new SickKids Toronto. 
  • We are also a big supporter of the Children’s Miracle Network and the assistance it provides to local charities dedicated to children’s health. 

Maple Lodge Farms® in the Community

Without our community’s support, we wouldn’t be where we are today. That’s why we take pride in giving back. The Maple Lodge Farms®’ Special Events Team supports over 200 community events annually. 

Over the last 19 years, we have raised over $3 million for local charities. One of our main events is the Tournament of Dreams, an annual golf tournament that raises money for local charities with a focus on children’s health, with proceeds going towards local organizations such as Children’s Miracle Network, SickKids Foundation and McMaster Children’s Hospital. 

We are strong believers in not only providing the best quality product we can, but creating a sustainable future through collective growth and the positive development of the communities we operate in.

About Fresh From The Farm®

Maple Lodge Farms® wanted to bring community back to the forefront of family meals with a line of fresh, local products, including fresh chicken breasts, whole chickens, wings and bone in and boneless chicken thighs. By purchasing Fresh From The Farm® products, consumers can be proud of the fact that they are supporting their community and can trust that their food comes from a farm close to home. 

Start supporting local & eating fresh today!

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