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Back To School Guide For Busy Moms

It’s back to school time, which is always exciting yet overwhelming with all the changes, new routines and schedules! It is always chaos in the September month, so nailing down breakfast and lunch making routine is key to get the kiddos out on time and fed well! With all of the allergies and food intolerance’s in kids these days, giving them healthy and clean ingredients is key to keeping them fueled and energized throughout their long days. Our new morning routines involve utter chaos, so having quick and healthy meal options for on the go is a necessity!

Sandwiches are the most loved food group with kiddos, so we’ve made a few different Maple Lodge Farm’s deli recipes to help us get through this busy time. We love their Natural From The Farm deli as it is made with all-natural ingredients, contains 25% less sodium than the leading brands, is gluten-free and has 21% meat protein! It is also sugar-free (for all oven roasted flavours).

We love to add these deli slices to whatever we can, so here are a few recipes we have tried and fell in love with, and will be included in lunches for this coming year!

Rainbow Veggie Pinwheels is one of our family favourites, so much so that we pack them for our adventures, road trips, and make them during the week for our own lunches. We change up the veggies inside from time to time, but we never replace the Deli meat, which adds amazing flavour! It is also an amazing way to sneak all of the vegetables into a meal for your picky kiddos, there is a major mom hack right there.

Our other favourite is the incredibly tasty Apple and Chicken Grilled Cheese – oh my, is this one absolute perfection. The kids love the sweet apple flavour, and the combination of the Natural from The Farm Spicy BBQ Cooked Chicken Breast meat, jalapeno cheese, and sourdough bread brings us so much joy. It is also super easy and quick to put together, lasts great in little lunch boxes, and once again, is a great option for sneaking in a veggie option or two!

We have made a lot of goals this year to spend more quality time together and be the healthiest and happiest we can be. So spending less time meal prepping food and more time together is a huge win for us, and these recipes allow us to do both!

Check out the Maple Lodge Farms website for other quick and delicious recipes for your school year, and enjoy every bite!

Looking for more ways to make the back to school season easier? We’ve put together a handy checklist to help make this the start of a great school year! Download & Print this Back To School Checklist to get ready for the big day!

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