The Ultimate Club Sandwich

The Ultimate Club Sandwich

By Kerrie Mendoza of Family Food and Travel

Sandwich used to be a bad word in my house. Just me saying the word “sandwich” my boys would say… “no, we don’t want a sandwich”. While they might be young, I felt it was time to introduce them to the Ultimate Club Sandwich.

The Ultimate Club Sandwich is a Mom Win for me. It’s filled with a variety of delicious and healthy ingredients, and packed with protein to ensure that my boys have the energy to succeed at their athletics. It’s easy, looks fantastic, and tastes even better.

My club sandwich recipe is made with delicious new Natural From The Farm® Garlic & Pepper Cooked Chicken Breast and Oven Roasted Cooked Turkey Breast which we love, because they have great flavour, are gluten-free, and contain 30% less sodium than other deli meats. Mom Win!

I love that you can read the all-natural ingredients, and every ingredient is easy to understand. With no added sugar  in Natural From The Farm® Oven Roasted Chicken and Turkey flavours, Maple Lodge Farms® deli is something I feel great about feeding my boys.

We have the instructions and directions to make the Ultimate Club Sandwich a sandwich bursting with flavour, filled with chicken, turkey, cheese, veggies and more, for truly a delicious club sandwich your whole family will love. A lunch that is easy to assemble, and only finding crumbs left in your kids’ lunchbox at the end of the day = Mom win!

How to Make The Ultimate Club Sandwich

Club Sandwich Ingredients:

•  3 slices of Sandwich Bread
•  2 slices of Field Tomato
•  2 tbsp Dijonaise
•  2 Lettuce leaves
•  2 slices Swiss Cheese
•  4 pieces Bacon
•  4 slices Maple Lodge Farms® Natural from the Farm® Garlic & Pepper Cooked Chicken Breast
•  4 slices Maple Lodge Farms® Natural from the Farm® Oven Roasted Cooked Turkey Breast

Club Sandwich Directions:

•  Toast bread on both sides
•  Spread Dijonaise on one side of each slice.
•  Top with lettuce, tomato, and chicken breast.
•  Add Swiss cheese, a slice of bread and another Swiss cheese.
•  Finally, build the last part of the sandwich – turkey breast, tomato, and lettuce.
•  Serve with a dill pickle and carrot sticks.

The Ultimate Club Sandwich is a combination of a Turkey Club Sandwich and a Chicken Club Sandwich combined with a hint of Dijonaise and a beautiful fresh field tomato. It is sandwich perfection.

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What is your secret to a fantastic sandwich?

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