Easy Packable Lunches to Make the School Year Awesome

Easy Packable Lunches to Make the School Year Awesome

After five years, I think we’ve just about got this school lunch thing under our belts. We’ve learned a bunch of tricks to make the making easier: 1) night time is lunch prep time, because mornings are always chaos; 2) a veggie and a fruit must go in every lunch to keep it balanced and make planning simple; 3) kid packs!

Hey, you can never teach responsibility too early.

But then the question is… what to pack that helps your child get a well-rounded lunch without fuss? There’s dozens – hundreds – of easy packable lunches depending on what works for you and what your kids like! Here’s 5 categories to help find the right fit for you!

The Leftover Lover

Got a kid who loves leftovers? Up your dinner game (and double your recipe) with meals that shelve well. Soups, casseroles, and stir fries are great hot-choice picks. Recipes like German Sausage & Potato Salad are perfect served cold!

Breakfast for Luncher
Have a child that loves breakfast? Mini quiches or fritatas can easily combine protein and veggie! Sliced waffles, mini pancakes, hardboiled eggs, sliced fresh fruit, cooked sausages, and even breakfast bars are great options that kids can help pack by themselves.

The Snacker
Does your little one love to nibble? Cut some pre-sliced cheese into four pieces and pack with crackers, sliced deli meat for a DIY Lunchable. Add their choice of fruit and veg, and they’re good to go!

The Classic Sandwicher
Bless the child that is the classic sandwicher; they seldom need any additional help from us. Keep it fresh for older sandwichers with some more exotic deli meat options available at the counters. Just remind them to pack a fruit and veg to round out.

The Funster
If your kid loves to get funky in the lunchbox, then grab some tortillas and teach them about fruit sushi! Spread one side with a peanut butter substitute, and then load up the middle with bananas, cut grapes, or other fruit of their choice. Roll it up tightly and slice for a fun nibble!

Rotate at will, and you’ve got this school year covered!


Written by: Anne Radcliffe, YMC.ca

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