24 Days of Giving: The Reason For The Season

Waking up early to stand in line for the newest toys, trying to make Christmas absolutely perfect, “mom I want this”, “I want that”, getting, getting and more getting is all the holidays seem to be about these days. Gone are the days that the holidays were about giving to others. How can we make this season different? How can we all teach our kids that this season is more than getting the newest toys?

Advent calendars are something that kids absolutely LOVE because of the excitement it builds for Christmas Day, not to mention the delicious chocolate treats! Why not take this and turn it into something more meaningful? This could be a way to teach kids that the holiday season is so much more than the anticipation of unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning. With small activities each day, help teach your kids that it’s just as good to give, as it is to receive.

Here is an example of our calendar:


Please feel free to make the calendar your own by changing the activities to better suit your family.

The goal is to pass along the importance of helping others and share how great it feels to do so with our kids. Teaching children the significance of giving makes them grateful for what they have and they will be happy to make others happy – making me one happy mom!

Happy Holidays and have fun spreading the beautiful gift of giving.

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